Teaching Assistant

I have assisted teaching and tutored Bachelor and Master students for most of my academic life and ongoing. Dependent on the course, this includes grading of homeworks and exams, teaching of practice sessions, office hours, designing homework problems, preparing lecture materials, and general course remodeling. Here is a list of courses I assisted in along with their syllabuses.

@Carnegie Mellon University

@University of Freiburg

  • Spring 2018: Department of Mathematics, Introduction to Programming in C++, Sören Bartels
  • Fall 2016: Information System Research Department, Management Informations Systems/Introduction to Programming in R, Dirk Neumann
  • Fall 2015: Department of Mathematics, Mathematics for Students of Chemistry, Susanne Knies
  • Fall 2014: Department of Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Wolfgang Sörgel
  • Spring 2014: Department of Mathematics, Introduction to Programming in C, Patrick Schreier

Advising and Mentoring

  • Fall 2019 & Spring 2020: As a Data Science Intitiative (DSI) Project Fellow, I advise two groups of undergraduate students in industry consulting projects with Penguin Random House and Giant Eagle.